§ 37.2-613

Proceedings for dissolution

When the board of directors of a behavioral health authority determines that the need for the authority no longer exists, then, upon a petition by the board to the circuit court of the appropriate city or county, after giving 90 days’ notice to the city or county and upon the production of satisfactory evidence in support of the petition and a detailed dissolution plan, the court may enter an order declaring that the need for the authority in that city or county no longer exists and approving a plan for the winding up of the authority’s business, the payment or assumption of its obligations, and the transfer of its assets. In order for it to be approved by the court, the court must find that this plan describes specifically how the city or county that established the authority will fulfill the same duties and responsibilities required for community services boards under Chapter 5 (§ 37.2-500 et seq.) and how the city or county will ensure continuity of care for individuals who are receiving services from the authority.


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