§ 37.2-706

Disposal of unclaimed personal property of certain individuals in state facilities

If any individual receiving services in a state facility dies, is released, is discharged, or escapes and leaves any article of personal property, including bonds, money, and any intangible assets, in the custody of a state facility, the director of the state facility may, after notification in person, by telephone, or by registered mail to the individual, or the known next-of-kin or personal representative of the individual and after the lapse of three years from the date of the death, release, discharge, or escape, if no claim has been made:

1. Sell the personal property at public or private sale and deposit the net proceeds in the welfare fund of the state facility;

2. Retain and issue for use of individuals receiving services articles of clothing suitable for continued use; or

3. Order destruction or other disposal of personal care articles, articles of clothing, and other belongings that are not suitable by reason of their nature or condition for sale or use by others, including personal and private papers, writings, drawings, or photographs that would compromise the privacy or confidentiality of any person who may be the author, creator, or subject of them.


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