§ 37.2-714

Children born in state facilities

Any child born in a state facility shall be deemed a resident of the county or city in which the mother resided at the time of her admission. The child shall be removed from the state facility as soon after birth as the health and well-being of the child permit and shall be delivered to his father or other member of his family. If he is unable to effect the child’s removal as herein provided, the director of the state facility shall cause the filing of a petition in the juvenile and domestic relations district court of the county or city in which the child is present, requesting adjudication of the care and custody of the child under the provisions of § 16.1-278.3. If the mother has received services in a state facility continuously for 10 months, the Department of Social Services shall have financial responsibility for the care of the child, and the custody of the child shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of § 16.1-278.3. The judge of such court shall take appropriate action to effect prompt removal of the child from the state facility.


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