Licensing Providers Of Behavioral Health And Developmental Services

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Licensing Providers Of Behavioral Health And Developmental Services.” It is part of Title 37.2, titled “Behavioral Health And Developmental Services.” It is part of Subtitle 1, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Chapter 4, titled “Protection Of Consumers.” It’s comprised of the following 24 sections.

§ 37.2-403
§ 37.2-404
Authority of Commissioner to grant licenses
§ 37.2-405
License required; exception; license not transferable; operation of existing services; persons not to be admitted, etc., to unlicensed providers
§ 37.2-405.1
Certain provider information on website
§ 37.2-406
Conditions for initial licensure of certain providers
§ 37.2-407
Regulations for treatment of pregnant women with substance abuse
§ 37.2-408
Regulation of services delivered in group homes and residential facilities for children
§ 37.2-408.1
Background check required; children's residential facilities
§ 37.2-409
Intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disability
§ 37.2-410
Expiration of license; renewal; license fees
§ 37.2-411
§ 37.2-412
Human rights review
§ 37.2-413
Necessity for supervision by licensed provider
§ 37.2-414
Cure by mental or spiritual means without use of drugs or material remedy
§ 37.2-415
Provisional and conditional licenses
§ 37.2-416
Background checks required
§ 37.2-417
Proceeding to prevent unlawful operation of service
§ 37.2-418
Revocation, suspension, or refusal of licenses; resumption of operation; summary suspension under certain circumstances; penalty
§ 37.2-419
Human rights and licensing enforcement and sanctions; notice
§ 37.2-419.1
Summary suspension of adult facility licenses under certain circumstances; due process; penalty
§ 37.2-420
Offer or payment of remuneration in exchange for referral prohibited
§ 37.2-421
Advertising by licensed providers
§ 37.2-421.1
Supportive housing providers
§ 37.2-422