Transportation Of Admitted Persons; Detention By Sheriff; Escape; Transfers

This is Article 6 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Transportation Of Admitted Persons; Detention By Sheriff; Escape; Transfers.” It is part of Title 37.2, titled “Behavioral Health And Developmental Services.” It is part of Subtitle 3, titled “Admissions And Dispositions.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Emergency Custody And Voluntary And Involuntary Civil Admissions.” It’s comprised of the following 8 sections.

§ 37.2-829
Transportation of person in civil admission process
§ 37.2-830
§ 37.2-831
Detention in jail after order of admission
§ 37.2-832
Persons with mental illness not to be confined in cells with criminals
§ 37.2-833
Escape, sickness, death, or discharge of a person ordered to be involuntarily admitted while in custody; warrant for person escaping
§ 37.2-834
Arrest of certain persons involuntarily admitted
§ 37.2-835
Arrest without warrant
§ 37.2-836
Employees to accompany persons admitted voluntarily to facilities