§ 38.2-1301

Additional reports

A. In addition to the annual statement, the Commission may require a licensed insurer to file additional reports, exhibits or statements considered necessary to secure complete information concerning the condition, solvency, experience, transactions or affairs of the insurer. The Commission shall establish deadlines for filing these additional reports, exhibits or statements and may require verification by any officers of the insurer designated by the Commission.

B. The Commission may require a domestic, foreign or alien insurer that is authorized to transact insurance in this Commonwealth to file with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) a copy of the insurer’s financial statement required to be filed pursuant to § 38.2-1301, on a quarterly basis. Unless otherwise prescribed by the Commission, all such financial statements, whether filed with the Commission or the NAIC, shall be prepared in accordance with applicable provisions of the annual statement instructions and the accounting practices and procedures manuals adopted by the NAIC, or any successor publications. The Commission may prescribe that additional copies of financial statements and other reports be filed in machine-readable format.


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