§ 38.2-1315

Mortgage guaranty insurance contingency reserve

A. To protect against the effect of adverse economic cycles, each insurer transacting the business of mortgage guaranty insurance in this Commonwealth shall establish and maintain a contingency reserve equal to fifty percent of its earned premium.

B. Allocations to the contingency reserve shall be maintained for 120 months. That portion of the contingency reserve that has been maintained for more than 120 months shall be released and shall no longer constitute part of the contingency reserve and shall be allocated to surplus to policyholders.

C. Upon approval by the Commission, the contingency reserve shall be available for loss payments only when the incurred losses in any one twelve-month period, less any amounts already released from the contingency reserve during that period, exceed thirty-five percent of the corresponding earned premium.

D. In the event of release of the contingency reserve for payment of losses, the contributions required by subsection A of this section shall be treated on a first-in-first-out basis.

E. Whenever the laws of any other state require a greater unearned premium reserve than that set forth in § 38.2-1312, the mortgage guaranty insurance contingency reserve of mortgage guaranty insurers organized under the laws of that state may be an amount that, when added to such unearned premium reserve, will result in a reserve equal to the sum of the unearned premium reserve required by § 38.2-1312 and the contingency reserve required by this section.

F. The authority of the Commission under § 38.2-223 to issue rules and regulations includes the authority to require that a greater reserve be established for mortgage guaranty insurance on liens other than first liens.


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