§ 38.2-1439

Chattel mortgages

A. In connection with a mortgage loan on the security of real property designed and used primarily for residential purposes and acquired pursuant to § 38.2-1434, a domestic insurer may make a loan on the security of a chattel mortgage, deed of trust or other appropriate lien. The chattel mortgage or other lien may be created separately or in combination with the mortgage loan on the real estate. It shall not exceed five years and shall constitute a first and prior lien, except for taxes not then delinquent, on personal property comprised of durable equipment owned by the mortgagor and kept and used on the mortgaged premises.

B. The term “durable equipment” includes only mechanical refrigerators, mechanical laundering machines, heating and cooking stoves and ranges, mechanical kitchen aids, vacuum cleaners, and fire extinguishing devices; and, for apartment houses and hotels, may also include room furniture and furnishings.

C. Before any loan or investment is made under this section, the items of property included in the security shall be separately appraised by a competent appraiser and the fair market value of the items determined. No loan made under this section shall exceed the lesser of (i) an amount obtained by multiplying the loan to the value ratio applicable to the companion loan on the real property by the fair market value of the personal property or (ii) an amount equal to twenty percent of the amount secured by the lien on the real property.


1983, c. 457, § 38.1-217.42; 1986, c. 562.


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