§ 38.2-1709

Tax write-offs of certificates of contributions

A. A member insurer shall have at its option the right to show a certificate of contribution as an asset in the form approved by the Commission pursuant to subsection H of § 38.2-1705 at the original face amount for the calendar year of issuance. Such amount shall be amortized over the 10 calendar years following the year the contribution was paid in amounts each equal to 10 percent of the amount of the contribution.

B. The insurer may offset the amount of the certificate amortized in a calendar year as provided in subsection A. This amount shall be deducted from the premium tax liability incurred on business transacted in this Commonwealth for that year. However, the Association shall diligently pursue all rights available to it to recover its expenditures made in the fulfillment of its responsibilities under this chapter. If the Commission determines after a hearing that the Association is not diligently pursuing available measures of recovery, the Commission shall notify the Department and contributing insurers will not be able to offset amounts amortized during the period that the Commission determines that the Association has not been diligently pursuing available measures of recovery.

C. Any sums for which a certificate of contribution has been issued that have been (i) amortized by contributing insurers and offset against premium taxes as provided in subsection B and (ii) subsequently refunded pursuant to subsection F of § 38.2-1705 shall be paid to the Department of Taxation and deposited with the State Treasurer for credit to the general fund of this Commonwealth.

D. The amount of any credit against premium taxes provided for in this section for an insurer shall be reduced by the amount of reduction in federal income taxes for any deduction claimed by the insurer for an assessment paid pursuant to this chapter.


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