§ 38.2-1843

Grounds for placing on probation, refusal to issue or renew, revocation or suspension of license

The Commission may, in addition to or in lieu of a penalty imposed under § 38.2-218, place on probation, suspend, revoke or refuse to issue or renew any person’s license for any one or more of the following causes:

1. Providing materially incorrect, misleading, incomplete or untrue information in the license application or any other document filed with the Commission;

2. Violating any insurance laws, or violating any regulation, subpoena or order of the Commission or of another state’s insurance regulatory authority;

3. Obtaining or attempting to obtain a license through misrepresentation or fraud;

4. Improperly withholding, misappropriating or converting any moneys or properties received in the course of doing insurance consulting business;

5. Engaging in twisting or any form thereof, where “twisting” means inducing an insured to terminate an existing policy and purchase a new policy through misrepresentation;

6. Engaging in the practice of rebating;

7. Intentionally misrepresenting the terms of an actual or proposed insurance contract or application for insurance;

8. Having admitted or been found to have committed any insurance unfair trade practice or fraud, including reducing the fee or compensation provided for in § 38.2-1837 for the purpose of inducing a client or potential client to purchase a policy;

9. Having been convicted of a felony;

10. Using fraudulent, coercive, or dishonest practices, or demonstrating incompetence, or untrustworthiness in the conduct of business in this Commonwealth or elsewhere, or demonstrating financial irresponsibility in the handling of applicant, policyholder, agency, or insurance company funds;

11. Having an insurance producer or consultant license, or its equivalent, denied, suspended or revoked in any other state, province, district or territory;

12. Forging another’s name to an application for insurance or to any document related to an insurance transaction;

13. Improperly using notes or any other reference material to complete an examination for an insurance license;

14. Knowingly accepting insurance business from an individual who is not licensed;

15. Failing to comply with an administrative or court order imposing a child support obligation; or

16. Failing to pay state income tax or comply with any administrative or court order directing payment of state income tax.


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