§ 38.2-1857.1

Property and casualty insurance agents may be licensed as surplus lines brokers for certain insurance from unlicensed insurers

The Commission may issue a surplus lines broker’s license to any individual or business entity actively licensed as a property and casualty insurance agent for the procuring of insurance of the classes enumerated in §§ 38.2-109 through 38.2-122.2 and §§ 38.2-124 through 38.2-134 from insurers not licensed to transact insurance business in this Commonwealth. However, nothing in this article or in Chapter 48 (§ 38.2-4806 et seq.) of this title shall apply to the sale, solicitation or negotiation of (i) the contracts of insurance cited in subsection C of § 38.2-1802 or (ii) contracts of insurance for any insured whose home state, as defined in § 38.2-4805.2, is a state other than this Commonwealth.


2001, c. 706; 2011, c. 498.


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