§ 38.2-1857.9

Licensing nonresidents; clerk of the Commission to be appointed agent for service of process; reciprocal agreements with other states and Canadian provinces

A. An individual or business entity who is not a resident as defined in § 38.2-1800, but who is a resident of another state, territory, or province of Canada, shall receive a nonresident surplus lines broker license if:

1. The applicant presents proof in a form acceptable to the Commission that the applicant is currently licensed or otherwise authorized as a resident surplus lines broker and is in good standing in his home state;

2. The applicant has submitted the proper application for licensure, or in lieu thereof has submitted a copy of the application for a Surplus Lines Broker license submitted to the home state, and has paid the fees required by § 38.2-1857.3; and

3. The applicant’s home state issues nonresident surplus lines broker licenses to residents of this Commonwealth on the same basis, or will permit a resident of this Commonwealth to act as a surplus lines broker in such state without requiring a license.

B. For the purposes of this article, any individual whose place of residence and place of business are in a city or town located partly within the Commonwealth and partly within another state may be considered as meeting the requirements as a resident of this Commonwealth, provided the other state has established by law or regulation similar requirements as to residence of such individuals.

C. The Commission may enter into a reciprocal agreement with an appropriate official of any other state or province of Canada if such an agreement is required in order for a Virginia resident to be similarly licensed as a nonresident in that state or province.

D. The Commission may verify the surplus lines broker’s licensing status through the Producer Database maintained by the NAIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

E. A nonresident surplus lines broker who moves from one state or province to another state or province shall file a change of address within 30 calendar days of the change of legal residence. No fee or license application is required.

F. Any licenses issued to nonresidents pursuant to this section shall be terminated at any time that the nonresident’s equivalent authority in his home state is terminated, suspended, or revoked.

G. As used in this section, “home state” has the same meaning that is ascribed to the term in § 38.2-1800.


2001, c. 706; 2008, c. 213; 2011, c. 498.


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