§ 38.2-1911

Special restrictions on individual insurers

A. The Commission may by order require that a particular insurer file any or all of its rates and supplementary rate information thirty days prior to their effective date, if the Commission finds, after providing notice and opportunity to be heard, that the protection of the interests of the insurer’s policyholders and the public in this Commonwealth requires closer supervision of the insurer’s rates because of the insurer’s financial condition or repetitive filing of rates that are not in compliance with § 38.2-1904. The Commission may extend the waiting period of any filing for thirty additional days by written notice to the insurer before the first thirty-day period expires.

B. The filing shall be approved or disapproved during the waiting period or during its extension. If the filing is not disapproved before the expiration of the waiting period or of its extension, the filing shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this chapter, subject to the possibility of subsequent disapproval under § 38.2-1910.

C. Any insurer affected by an order entered under subsection A of this section may request a rehearing by the Commission after the expiration of twelve months from the date of the Commission’s former order.


1973, c. 504, § 38.1-279.39; 1986, c. 562.


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