§ 38.2-2627


A. The Commission may take all administrative action as specified and set forth in subsections A and B of § 38.2-219, and § 38.2-220. Nothing in this article shall infer or be construed to create a private right or cause of action.

B. A person who is found to have violated this article or orders of the Commission may be assessed a penalty in an amount determined by the Commission of not more than $ 500 per violation and no more than $ 10,000 in the aggregate for all violations of a similar nature. For purposes of this section, violations shall be of a similar nature if the violation consists of the same or similar course of conduct, action, or practice, irrespective of the number of times the act, conduct, or practice that is determined to be a violation of this article occurred.

C. The Commission may, after notice and opportunity to be heard, suspend, revoke, refuse to issue or renew any person’s license for any violation of this article.

D. Home service contract providers shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 15 (§ 38.2-1500 et seq.) of this title.


2006, c. 634.


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