§ 38.2-3404

Commission may establish rules and regulations for simplified and readable accident and sickness insurance policies

A. Pursuant to the authority granted in § 38.2-223, the Commission may issue rules and regulations establishing standards for simplified and readable accident and sickness insurance policy forms. Any such rules and regulations shall apply to any policy forms of accident and sickness insurance as defined in § 38.2-109, except credit accident and sickness insurance, issued on a nongroup basis or to groups with ten or fewer members.

B. The rules and regulations issued hereunder may permit an insurer to issue policies containing policy provisions that deviate in language from the policy provisions required by §§ 38.2-3500 through 38.2-3506 where applicable, provided the provisions in each instance are not less favorable to the insured or the beneficiary.

C. No insurer shall deliver or issue for delivery an accident and sickness insurance policy in this Commonwealth unless the Commission has determined that the policy form satisfies the readability standards established by the rules and regulations and is in compliance with other statutory requirements.


1979, c. 47, § 38.1-354.1; 1986, c. 562.


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