§ 38.2-3407.4

Explanation of benefits

A. Each insurer issuing an accident and sickness insurance policy, a corporation issuing subscription contracts, and each health maintenance organization shall file for approval explanation of benefits forms. These explanation of benefit forms shall be subject to the requirements of § 38.2-316 or § 38.2-4306 as applicable.

B. The explanation of benefits shall accurately and clearly set forth the benefits payable under the contract.

C. The Commission may issue regulations to establish standards for the accuracy and clarity of the information presented in an explanation of benefits.

D. The term “explanation of benefits” as used in this section shall include any form provided by an insurer, health services plan or health maintenance organization which explains the amounts covered under a policy or plan or shows the amounts payable by a covered person to a health care provider.


1994, c. 320.


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