§ 38.2-3414

Optional coverage for obstetrical services

A. Each insurer proposing to issue a group hospital policy or a group major medical policy in this Commonwealth and each corporation proposing to issue group hospital, group medical or group major medical subscription contracts shall provide coverage for obstetrical services as an option available to the group policyholder or the contract holder in the case of benefits based upon treatment as an inpatient in a general hospital. The reimbursement for obstetrical services by a physician shall be based on the charges for the services determined according to the same formula by which the charges are developed for other medical and surgical procedures. Such coverage shall have durational limits, dollar limits, deductibles and coinsurance factors that are no less favorable than for physical illness generally.

B. This section shall not apply to short-term travel, accident only, or limited or specified disease policies or contracts, nor to policies or contracts designed for issuance to persons eligible for coverage under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, known as Medicare, or any other similar coverage under state or federal governmental plans.


1978, c. 375, § 38.1-348.9; 1986, c. 562; 2014, c. 814.


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