§ 38.2-3419.1

Report of costs and utilization of mandated benefits

A. Beginning with the calendar year 1991, every insurer, health services plan, and health maintenance organization from which a report is deemed necessary under regulations adopted by the Commission shall report to the Commission cost and utilization information for each of the mandated benefits and providers set forth in this article. The reporting period shall be as determined by the Commission in its regulations, but not less often than biennially. Each report shall be submitted no later than the next May 1 following the reporting period. The reports shall be in detail and form as required under regulations adopted by the Commission so as to provide the information deemed necessary by the Commission to determine the financial impact of each mandated benefit and provider.

B. The Commission shall prepare a consolidation of these reports to provide to the General Assembly such information concerning the costs of mandated benefits, the utilization of services under mandated benefits, and such other information as the Commission or the General Assembly may deem appropriate. Such consolidated reports shall be submitted to the General Assembly no later than the next October 31 following the reporting period.


1990, cc. 393, 439; 1994, c. 316.


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