§ 38.2-3430.4

Special rules for network plans

A health insurance issuer that offers health insurance coverage in the individual market may:

1. Limit the eligible individuals who may be enrolled under such coverage to those who live, reside, or work within the service area for such network plan;

2. Within the service area of such plan, deny such coverage to such individuals if the health insurance issuer has demonstrated to the Commission that: (i) it will not have the capacity to deliver services adequately to additional individual enrollees because of its obligations to existing group contract holders, enrollees and enrollees covered under individual contracts; and (ii) it is applying this section uniformly to individuals without regard to any health status-related factor of such individuals and without regard to whether the individuals are eligible individuals;

3. A health insurance issuer, upon denying health insurance coverage in any service area in accordance with subdivision 2, may not offer coverage in the individual market within such service area for a period of 180 days after such coverage is denied.


1997, cc. 807, 913; 1998, c. 24.


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