§ 38.2-3533

Individual certificates

A. Each group accident and sickness insurance policy shall contain a provision that the insurer will issue to the policyholder for delivery to each person insured a certificate setting forth:

1. The insured person’s insurance protection, including any limitations, reductions, and exclusions applicable to the coverage provided;

2. To whom the insurance benefits are payable;

3. Any family member’s or dependent’s coverage; and

4. The rights and conditions set forth in § 38.2-3541.

B. Each group policy issued pursuant to § 38.2-3522.1 B, where any part of the premium is paid by debtors from identifiable charges collected from the insured debtors not required of an uninsured debtor, shall contain a provision that the insurer will furnish to the policyholder for each debtor insured under the policy a form that will contain a statement describing the debtor’s coverage and that the benefits payable shall be applied to reduce or extinguish the indebtedness.


1986, c. 562; 1998, c. 154.


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