§ 38.2-4201


As used in this chapter:”Contract holder” means a person entering into a subscription contract with a nonstock corporation.”Nonstock corporation” means a foreign or domestic nonstock corporation which is subject to regulation and licensing under this chapter and which offers or administers subscription contracts to contract holders as part of a plan.”Health services plan” or “plan” means any arrangement for offering or administering health services or similar or related services by a nonstock corporation licensed under this chapter.”Hospital services plan” means a health services plan for providing hospital and similar or related services.”Medical or surgical services plan” means a health services plan for providing medical or surgical services or both, and similar or related services.”Subscriber” means any person entitled to benefits under the terms and conditions of a subscription contract.”Subscription contract” means a written contract which is issued to a contract holder by a nonstock corporation and which provides health services or benefits for health services on a prepaid basis.


1986, c. 562; 1988, c. 185.


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