§ 38.2-4317.1

Insolvency deposit assessment

In the event of an insolvency of a health maintenance organization occurring after July 1, 1989, the Commission may, (i) in the absence of an assumption under subsection C of § 38.2-4317 that is satisfactory to the Commission and that occurred within sixty days after entry of an order of impairment or insolvency and (ii) after notice and hearing, levy an assessment on premiums due by licensed health maintenance organizations on contracts issued or renewed in this Commonwealth after the date of such assessment; provided, that such assessments for all health maintenance organization insolvencies in any calendar year shall not exceed two percent of the premiums subject to such assessments. Such assessments shall be paid quarterly to the Commission, and upon receipt by the Commission shall be paid over into the deposit account of the insolvent health maintenance organization held pursuant to subsection A of § 38.2-4310 for the benefit of enrollees for use and disbursement in accordance with this section, § 38.2-4317, and applicable Commission regulations. No participating provider, as defined in § 38.2-4300, may, either directly or indirectly, receive reimbursement from any such assessments. A receiver of such an insolvent health maintenance organization appointed pursuant to § 38.2-4317 may borrow in anticipation of collection of such assessments to meet obligations under a deposit account. Any assessments levied on account of a health maintenance organization insolvency in excess of obligations to enrollees shall be ratably returned to the health maintenance organizations paying such assessments.


1989, c. 216; 1990, c. 224; 2000, c. 503.


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