§ 38.2-4322

Affiliation period

A. A health maintenance organization which offers health insurance coverage in connection with a group health plan or group health insurance coverage and which does not impose any preexisting condition exclusion allowed under § 38.2-3432.3, with respect to any particular coverage option may impose an affiliation period for such coverage option, but only if:

1. Such period is applied uniformly without regard to any health status-related factors; and

2. Such period does not exceed two months (or three months in the case of a late enrollee).

B. An affiliation period as described in subsection A shall begin on the enrollment date.

C. An affiliation period under a plan shall run concurrently with any waiting period under the plan.

D. Defined terms as set forth in § 38.2-3431 which are used in this chapter shall have the same meaning here that they have in Chapter 34.


1997, cc. 807, 913.


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