§ 38.2-4400


As used in this chapter:”Contract holder” means a person entering into a subscription contract with an organization;”Fee discount” means predetermined amounts or reduced rates which are not substantially below the usual charge by the same attorney for those services, but not less than 70 percent of the rate usually charged non-participants for the same service, except for simple wills, simple name changes, preparation of non-complex legal documents, legal letters and calls, which may be less than 70 percent of the rate usually charged non-participants;”Legal services organization” or “organization” means a person subject to regulation and licensing under this chapter who operates, conducts or administers a legal services plan;”Legal services plan” or “plan” means a contractual obligation or an arrangement, whereby legal services are provided in consideration of a specified payment consisting in whole or in part of prepaid or periodic charges, regardless of whether the payment is made by the subscribers individually or by a third person for them;”Licensed attorney” means an attorney licensed by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners or other state licensing authority;”Participating provider” or “participating providers” means a licensed attorney, group of attorneys or any other person who has agreed through an organization to provide legal services to subscribers enrolled in a legal services plan;”Simple matters” or “simple legal matters” means legal matters that can be reasonably handled over the telephone, or with one or two office visits, or by a limited review of routine legal documents, and without legal representation to third parties;”Subscriber” means any person entitled to benefits under the terms and conditions of a subscription contract;”Subscription contract” means a written contract which is issued to a subscriber by an organization and which provides legal services or benefits for legal services.


1978, c. 658, § 38.1-791; 1986, c. 562; 1994, c. 224.


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