§ 38.2-6108

Plan dentist contracts; preferred providers; assignment of benefits

A. Each contract with a plan dentist shall contain the following provisions:

1. A hold harmless clause that satisfies the requirements of subdivision C 9 of § 38.2-5805.

2. A provision specifying when the contract becomes effective.

3. A provision specifying the date the contract terminates.

4. A provision specifying the renewal terms.

5. Provisions incorporating the rights, remedies and obligations applicable to providers and dental plan organizations set forth in §§ 38.2-3407.1, 38.2-3407.10, 38.2-3407.15, and 38.2-5805.

B. A dental plan organization that offers or administers a plan under which preferred provider policies or contracts are issued shall comply with the requirements of § 38.2-3407 in contracting with dentists for services in connection with the preferred provider policies or contracts.

C. All dental plan organizations shall comply with the provisions of § 38.2-3407.13 relating to assignments of benefits by subscribers and enrollees.


2004, c. 668.


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