§ 4.1-117

Disposition of net profits to localities

When the moneys transferred quarterly or as otherwise provided in the appropriation act by the Comptroller to the general fund of the state treasury exceed the sum of $ 187,500, two-thirds of all moneys in excess of $ 187,500 shall be apportioned by the Comptroller and distributed quarterly within ten days following such transfer. Such payments shall be made by the Comptroller drawn on the Treasurer of Virginia to the several counties, cities, and towns of the Commonwealth, appropriated on the basis of the population of the respective counties, cities, and towns, according to the last preceding United States census. However, in the case of any town which came into existence in or about the year 1691 which is now the county seat of any county having a population of less than 45,000 but more than 40,000, and the boundaries of such town are not fixed, such portion of the moneys appropriated shall be based on an estimate of the population of such town made by the Center for Public Service. The judge of the circuit court of the county in which the town or city or greater part thereof seeking an increase under the provisions of this chapter is located may appoint two disinterested persons as commissioners, neither of whom shall reside in the county, city, or town which is the subject of the annexation proceedings. The commissioners so appointed shall determine the population of the territory annexed to the town or city as of the date of the last preceding United States census and report their findings to the court, and future distributions of the moneys allocated under the provisions of this chapter shall be made in accordance therewith. The Comptroller shall make no adjustments in his distribution of profits until the Secretary of the Commonwealth transmits to the Comptroller, pursuant to § 15.2-3209, a copy of the court order granting the petition of annexation.


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