§ 4.1-131

Importation of beverages under customs bonds and holding in warehouses; release

A. Alcoholic beverages may be imported into the Commonwealth under United States customs bonds and be held in the Commonwealth in United States customs bonded warehouses. Alcoholic beverages may be removed from any such warehouse, wherever situated, to such a warehouse located in the Commonwealth and be held in the Commonwealth.

B. Alcoholic beverages so imported or removed to such warehouses in the Commonwealth shall be released from customs bonds in the Commonwealth only (i) for delivery to the Board, or to licensees entitled to receive them in the Commonwealth, as provided in § 4.1-310; (ii) to boats engaged in foreign trade, trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States, trade between the United States and any of its possessions outside of the several states and the District of Columbia, or for shipment outside of the Commonwealth; or (iii) in accordance with subsection C for the official or personal use of persons who are on duty in the United States as members of the armed forces of any foreign country, or their immediate family, authorized by federal laws and regulations to receive imported alcoholic beverages free of customs duties and internal revenue taxes.

C. Persons operating United States customs bonded warehouses and licensed as wholesalers or retailers may make sales and deliveries, in quantities determined by the Board, of alcoholic beverages held in customs bond to foreign armed forces personnel as provided in subsection B. Such sales may be made only on permits issued by the Board which shall cover the transportation of such imported alcoholic beverages, either by the operator of a customs bonded warehouse or purchaser from the operator, from such customs bonded warehouse to the place of duty or residence of such authorized persons.


Code 1950, § 4-85; 1958, c. 394; 1960, c. 101; 1984, c. 128; 1993, c. 866.


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