§ 4.1-232

Refund of state license tax

A. The Board may correct erroneous assessments made by it against any person and make refunds of any amounts collected pursuant to erroneous assessments, or collected as taxes on licenses, which are subsequently refused or application therefor withdrawn, and to allow credit for any license taxes paid by any licensee for any license that is subsequently merged or changed into another license during the same license period. No refund shall be made of any such amount, however, unless made within three years from the date of collection of the same.

B. In any case where a licensee has changed its name or form of organization during a license period without any change being made in its ownership, and because of such change is required to pay an additional license tax for such period, the Board shall refund to such licensee the amount of such tax so paid in excess of the required license tax for such period.

C. The Board shall make refunds, prorated according to a schedule of its prescription, to licensees of state license taxes paid pursuant to subsection A of § 4.1-231 if the place of business designated in the license is destroyed by an act of God, including but not limited to fire, earthquake, hurricane, storm, or similar natural disaster or phenomenon.

D. Any amount required to be refunded under this section shall be paid by the State Treasurer out of moneys appropriated to the Board and in the manner prescribed in § 4.1-116.


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