§ 4.1-409


A. In addition to any other sanctions which the Board is empowered by law to impose, it may order that any act or practice constituting a violation of this chapter be ceased and, where necessary, corrective measures implemented. In addition, in any case in which a winery is found to have attempted or accomplished an amendment, termination, cancellation, or refusal to continue or renew an agreement without good cause as defined in § 4.1-406, the Board shall, upon the request of the wholesaler involved, enter an order requiring that (i) the agreement remain in effect or be reinstated or (ii) the winery pay the wholesaler reasonable compensation for the value of this agreement as determined pursuant to subsection B. Reasonable compensation shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

1. The fair market value of the assets used by the wholesaler specifically for the purpose of distributing the winery’s products;

2. The cost of the wholesaler’s inventory of the winery’s products calculated as the sum of the net price paid by the wholesaler for the inventory;

3. The amount of any taxes paid by the wholesaler in connection with purchasing the inventory;

4. The cost of transporting the inventory from the winery to the wholesaler’s warehouse, plus any handling costs; and

5. The goodwill of the wholesaler’s business representing a value over and above the fair market value of the foregoing tangible assets.

B. In the event the winery and the wholesaler are unable to agree on the reasonable compensation to be paid for the value of the agreement, the matter shall be submitted to a neutral arbitrator to be selected by the parties, or if they cannot agree, a person qualified by experience to appraise the value of existing businesses shall be appointed arbitrator by the Secretary of the Board. The decision of the arbitrator shall be rendered within ninety days from the time the matter is submitted to arbitration unless the Board, for good cause shown, allows for an extension of time not to exceed thirty days, or unless the parties agree to an extension of time. All of the costs of the arbitration shall be paid one-half by the wholesaler and one-half by the winery. By entering into an agreement, the parties are deemed to have agreed to arbitration as provided in this subsection and, further, that such arbitration shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 21 (§ 8.01-577 et seq.) of Title 8.01.

C. In addition to the foregoing remedies, in any case in which a winery is found to have violated § 4.1-407, the Board may, upon request of the wholesaler involved, order the winery to compensate the wholesaler for any loss proximately resulting from such violation, including but not limited to lost profits. Such losses shall be determined in the manner provided in subsection B and shall be calculated from the date of the violation by the winery to the date the winery initiates remedial action pursuant to Board order.


Code 1950, § 4-118.30; 1985, c. 542, § 4-118.50; 1987, c. 246; 1989, c. 10; 1993, c. 866.


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