§ 40.1-49.3


For the purposes of §§ 40.1-49.4, 40.1-49.5, 40.1-49.6, 40.1-49.7, and 40.1-51.1 through 40.1-51.3 the following terms shall have the following meanings:”Commission” means the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.”Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Labor and Industry. Except where the context clearly indicates the contrary, any reference to Commissioner shall include his authorized representatives.”Employee” means an employee of an employer who is employed in a business of his employer.”Employer” means any person or entity engaged in business who has employees, but does not include the United States.”Occupational safety and health standard” means a standard which requires conditions, or the adoption or use of one or more practices, means, methods, operations, or processes, reasonably necessary or appropriate to provide safe or healthful employment and places of employment.”Serious violation” means a violation deemed to exist in a place of employment if there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result from a condition which exists, or from one or more practices, means, methods, operations, or processes which have been adopted or are in use, in such place of employment unless the employer did not, and could not with the exercise of reasonable diligence, know of the presence of the violation.”Person” means one or more individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, business trusts, legal representatives, or any organized group of persons.”Circuit court” means the circuit court of the city or county wherein the violation of this title or any standard, rule or regulation issued pursuant thereto is alleged to have occurred. Venue shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of §§ 8.01-257 through 8.01-267.


1979, c. 354; 1992, c. 777.


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