Mechanics' And Materialmen's Liens

This is Chapter 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Mechanics' And Materialmen's Liens.” It is part of Title 43, titled “Mechanics' And Certain Other Liens.” It’s comprised of the following 29 sections.

§ 43-1
§ 43-11
How owner or general contractor made personally liable to subcontractor, laborer or materialman
§ 43-12
§ 43-13
Funds paid to general contractor or subcontractor must be used to pay persons performing labor or furnishing material
§ 43-13.1
Use of lien waiver form; forgery or signing without authority
§ 43-13.2
When an affidavit or a signed statement of payment required of owner prior to sale
§ 43-13.3
An affidavit or a signed statement of payment required of owner prior to sale or refinance; penalty
§ 43-14
§ 43-14.1
Service of notices
§ 43-15
Inaccuracies in memorandum or description not affecting lien
§ 43-16
What owner may do when contractor fails or refuses to complete building, etc
§ 43-17
Limitation on suit to enforce lien
§ 43-17.1
Hearing on validity of lien
§ 43-18
Lien of general contractor to inure to benefit of subcontractor
§ 43-19
Validity and priority of lien not affected by assignments
§ 43-2
Structures, materials, etc., deemed permanently annexed to freehold
§ 43-20
Extent of lien where owner has less than fee in land
§ 43-21
Priorities between mechanics' and other liens
§ 43-22
How liens enforced
§ 43-23
Priority among liens perfected under this chapter
§ 43-23.1
Forfeiture of lien
§ 43-23.2
Remedies cumulative
§ 43-3
Lien for work done and materials furnished; waiver of right to file or enforce lien
§ 43-4
Perfection of lien by general contractor; recordation and notice
§ 43-4.01
Posting of building permit; identification of mechanics' lien agent in building permit; notice to mechanics' lien agent; effect of notice
§ 43-4.1
Liens to be recorded in deed books and indexed in general index of deeds
§ 43-6
§ 43-7
Perfection of lien by subcontractor; extent of lien; affirmative defense; provisions relating to time-share estates
§ 43-9
Perfection of lien by person performing labor or furnishing materials for a subcontractor; extent of lien