§ 44-108

Officers and enlisted persons personally liable for military property

Every officer and enlisted person to whom any article of military property is delivered in pursuance of the provisions of this chapter shall be held personally responsible for its care, safekeeping, and return. He shall use the same for military purposes only, and upon receiving a discharge, or otherwise leaving the military service, or upon demand of his commanding officer or the Adjutant General, shall forthwith surrender and deliver such property in as good order and condition as the same was at the time he received it, reasonable fair wear and tear excepted. As insurance for compliance with the provisions of this chapter, the Adjutant General may require the bonding of any or all such officers or enlisted persons in an amount that he may deem appropriate, commensurate with the responsibilities of such officers or enlisted persons. The cost of such bonds shall be borne from funds appropriated for the operation of the Department of Military Affairs, and shall be without cost to the individual officer and/or enlisted person bonded.


1930, p. 969; Michie Code 1942, § 2673(93); 1958, c. 393.


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