§ 44-111

Replacement of lost or damaged property

Whenever any military property issued to the militia of the Commonwealth shall have been lost, damaged, or destroyed, and upon report of a disinterested survey officer of the armed forces or militia it shall appear that the loss, damage or destruction of property was due to carelessness or neglect, or that its loss, damage or destruction could have been avoided by the exercise of reasonable care, the money value of such property shall be charged against the bond of the officer or enlisted person, if bonded. If such officer or enlisted person is not bonded, the value of such property shall be charged to such officer or enlisted person, and the pay of such officer or enlisted person from both federal and state funds at any time accruing may be stopped and applied to the payment of any such indebtedness until the same is discharged. In addition thereto, any officer accountable or responsible for military property shall be liable on his bond to the Commonwealth and the United States Property and Fiscal Officer as accounting, accountable and responsible officer for any lost, damaged, or destroyed property for which he is accountable or responsible.


1930, p. 969; Michie Code 1942, § 2673(96); 1958, c. 393.


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