§ 44-135.1

Armory control board for each armory; temporary renting

Each armory erected or provided by the Commonwealth under the provisions of this chapter, excepting those armories or logistical support facilities provided for by license agreement with the United States, shall have an armory control board appointed by the Adjutant General to consist of one or more officers of the organization or organizations quartered therein, and any other persons deemed necessary by the Adjutant General. Such board of control may rent the armory and any temporary quarters or billeting facilities thereon for temporary purposes, subject to any regulations or conditions that may be prescribed by the Adjutant General or such board of control. The money derived from the rental shall be placed in a special revenue interest-earning fund, and properly accounted for. Any nonappropriated funds and interest earned from such funds shall be used to defray the cost of operating, improving, and maintaining such armory and its facilities. Any money remaining in the fund at the end of the fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund but shall remain in the fund.


1976, c. 266; 1996, cc. 137, 802.


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