§ 44-33

Elimination and disposition of officers

At any time the moral character, capacity, and general fitness for the service of any National Guard officer may be determined by an efficiency board of three commissioned officers senior in rank to the officer whose fitness for service shall be under investigation, said board to be appointed by the Adjutant General and convened on his order. If the findings of such board be unfavorable to such officer and be approved by the Adjutant General, such officer shall be discharged. Commissions of officers of the National Guard may be vacated upon resignation, if approved by the Adjutant General, absence without leave for three months, upon the recommendation of an efficiency board, pursuant to sentence of a court-martial, upon physical disqualification, when convicted of a felony in a civil court, when appointed or inducted into the armed forces of the United States, when federal recognition is withdrawn from such officer or from the unit to which assigned, upon reaching maximum age limitation, and when it has been determined that an officer is subversive or disloyal. Officers of the Virginia National Guard rendered surplus by the disbandment of their organization shall be placed in another unit, providing an appropriate vacancy exists, otherwise such officers shall be separated from the Virginia National Guard and automatically revert to the reserve.


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