§ 44-41.2

Sharing of information with Virginia Employment Commission upon separation

The Adjutant General shall, in consultation with the Commissioner of the Virginia Employment Commission, establish a program under which the Department of Military Affairs shall, upon request of a member of the Virginia National Guard, provide information on the member to the Virginia Employment Commission, including (i) the individual’s name; (ii) the date, or anticipated date, of the individual’s discharge, separation, or release from the Virginia National Guard; (iii) the characterization, or anticipated characterization, of the individual’s discharge from the Virginia National Guard; (iv) the individual’s level of education; (v) contact information for the individual; (vi) the individual’s military job classification and list of military training and certifications; (vii) the individual’s civilian skills, training, and certification, as self-selected by the individual; and (viii) the industry, employment sector, profession, or other career classification, as self-identified by the individual, in which the individual will seek employment.Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the collection and maintenance of information for records required to be kept by the Virginia Employment Commission pursuant to 16 VAC 5-32-10 or pursuant to any other regulation adopted in accordance with § 60.2-111.


2014, cc. 42, 302.


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