§ 44-51


Where any sentence to fine or imprisonment shall be imposed by any military court of this Commonwealth, it shall be the duty of the military judge whenever one sits on such court, and otherwise the president of the court or summary court officer, upon the approval of the findings and sentence of such court, to make out and sign a certificate entitling the case, giving the name of the accused, the date and place of trial, the date of approval of sentence, the amount of fine, or manner, place, and duration of confinement, and deliver such certificate to the sheriff, or deputy sheriff, sergeant or police officer of the county, city or town wherein the sentence is to be executed; and it shall thereupon be the duty of such officer to carry such sentence into execution in the manner prescribed by law for the collection of fines or commitments to service of terms of imprisonment in criminal cases determined in the courts of this Commonwealth.


1930, p. 957; Michie Code 1942, § 2673(41); 1958, c. 393; 1976, c. 399.


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