§ 44-93.5

Penalties for denial

If any employer fails or refuses to comply with the provisions of §§ 44-93, 44-93.2, 44-93.3 and 44-93.4, the circuit court having jurisdiction over the employer’s place of business may, upon the filing of a motion, petition, or other appropriate pleading by the employee, require the employer to comply with §§ 44-93, 44-93.2, 44-93.3 and 44-93.4 and to compensate the employee for any loss of wages or benefits and reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by reason of the employer’s unlawful failure or refusal. Upon request of the affected employee, the Attorney General may represent personally or through one of his assistants, such employee denied the benefits of §§ 44-93, 44-93.2, 44-93.3 and 44-93.4 while in the performance of state active duty.


2002, c. 354; 2004, c. 147; 2007, cc. 167, 214.


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