§ 44-97.1

Continuance or time for filing pleading, etc., where party or attorney is on active duty

Any party to or attorney in an action or proceeding in any court, including the Supreme Court of Virginia, commission, or other tribunal having judicial or quasi-judicial powers or jurisdiction who has been ordered to participate in state active duty, annual active duty for training, or temporary active duty in the reserve forces of any of the armed services of the United States or National Guard shall be entitled to a continuance, not to exceed three weeks, as a matter of right during the period of such duty, provided the continuance is requested at least four days prior to the first day for which the continuance is sought. The period required by any statute or rule for the filing of any pleading or the performance of any act relating thereto shall be extended for seven days after such active duty, provided a request is made four days prior to the date the pleading or act is due. The failure of any court, commission, or other tribunal to allow such continuance when requested to do so or the returning of such filing or act during the period hereinabove specified shall constitute reversible error. This section shall not prevent the granting of temporary injunctive relief or the dissolution or extension of a temporary injunction, but the right to such relief shall remain in the sound discretion of the court or other such tribunal.


1981, c. 288; 1990, c. 790; 2011, cc. 572, 586; 2015, c. 221.


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