§ 45.1-161.127

Underground transportation of explosives

A. Explosives or detonators carried anywhere underground by any person shall be in individual containers. Such containers shall be constructed substantially of nonconductive material, maintained in good condition, and kept closed.

B. Explosives or detonators transported underground in cars moved by means of a locomotive or rope, or in shuttle cars, shall be in substantially covered cars or in special substantially covered containers used specifically for transporting detonators or explosives, and only under the following conditions:

1. The bodies and covers of such cars and containers shall be constructed or lined with nonconductive material;

2. If explosives and detonators are hauled in the same explosive car or in the same special container, they shall be separated by at least a four-inch substantially fastened hardwood partition or equivalent barrier;

3. Explosives, detonators, or other blasting devices shall not be transported on the same trip with miners;

4. When explosives or detonators are transported in special cars or containers in cars, they shall be hauled in special trips not connected to any other trip; however, this shall not prohibit the use of such additional cars as needed to lower a rope trip, or to haul supplies including timbers. Materials so transported shall not project above the top of the car. In no case shall flammable materials such as oil or grease be hauled on the same trip with explosives; and

5. Explosives or detonators shall not be hauled into or out of a mine within five minutes preceding or following a man-trip or any other trip. If traveling against the air current, the man-trip shall precede the explosives trip; if traveling with the air current, the man-trip shall follow the explosives trip.

C. In low coal seams where it is impractical to comply with subsection B, explosives may be transported in the original and unopened case, or in suitable individual containers, to the underground distribution magazine.

D. Explosives and detonators shall be transported underground by belt only under the following conditions:

1. They shall be transported in the original and unopened case, in special closed cases constructed of nonconductive material, or in suitable individual containers;

2. Clearance requirements shall be the same as those for transporting miners on belts;

3. Suitable loading and unloading stations shall be provided; and

4. Stop controls shall be provided at loading and unloading points, and an authorized person shall supervise the loading and unloading of explosives and detonators.

E. Neither explosives nor detonators shall be transported on flight or shaking conveyors, scrapers, mechanical loading machines, locomotives, cutting machines, drill trucks, or any self-propelled mobile equipment; however, this shall not prohibit the transportation of explosives or detonators in special closed containers in shuttle cars or in equipment designed especially to transport such explosives or detonators.


Code 1950, § 45-53.3; 1954, c. 191; 1966, c. 594, § 45.1-46; 1994, c. 28.


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