§ 45.1-161.133

Haulage roads

A. The roadbed, rails, joints, switches, frogs and other elements of the track of all haulage roads shall be constructed, installed and maintained in a manner that ensures their safe operation. In determining their safety, consideration shall be given to the speed of equipment, and type of haulage operations conducted on the haulage roads.

B. Haulage tracks shall be kept free of accumulations of coal spillage and debris and water shall not be allowed to accumulate over the top of the rail.

C. Off-track haulage equipment operators shall observe haulage roads for hazardous conditions during the course of travel and shall promptly correct or report to the mine foreman any hazardous condition observed.

D. Off-track haulage roads shall be maintained reasonably free of bottom irregularities, excess spillage, debris, wet or muddy conditions that make controlling off-track equipment difficult, and accumulations of water over such areas of haulage roads and in such depths that water could enter electrical panels and create potentially hazardous conditions.

E. Uninsulated trolley lines shall not be used or installed in underground coal mines without approval of the Chief.


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