§ 45.1-161.141

Self-propelled equipment

A. All self-propelled mobile transportation and haulage equipment for use underground shall be equipped with safe seating facilities for the person operating the equipment unless equipped for remote control operation. Where seating facilities are provided on self-propelled mobile equipment, the person operating such equipment shall be seated before the equipment is put into motion.

B. All track-mounted equipment shall be equipped with proper lifting devices, for the rerailing of such equipment.

C. An audible warning device and headlights shall be provided on each locomotive, shuttle car and any other self-propelled mobile transportation and haulage equipment.

D. A trip light capable of being seen for at least 300 feet underground shall be used on the rear of trips pulled and on the front of pushed trips and trips lowered in slopes; however, trip lights need not be used where locomotives are used on each end of a trip.

E. Effective means, including but not limited to trailing locomotives, slides, skids or drags shall be used during track haulage to ensure safe control is maintained when grades create a potential hazard.

F. Where block signals are used, procedures shall be established in writing to safely control traffic movement within the system and shall be posted and reviewed with all mine personnel.


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