§ 45.1-161.147

Operation of equipment

A. Operators of self-propelled haulage equipment shall face in the direction of travel except when the equipment is being loaded and is under the boom of the loading equipment.

B. Track haulage cars which require coupling and uncoupling shall be equipped with automatic couplers or devices designed to allow coupling and uncoupling without exposing miners between equipment. Specialty cars designed with safe clearance when connecting to other cars are excluded from the provisions of this subsection.

C. Persons operating self-propelled haulage equipment shall sound a warning before starting such equipment and on approaching curves, sidetracks, doors, curtains, manway crossings, or any other place where persons are or are likely to be.

D. All rail equipment shall be operated at speeds which are safe for the condition of the rail installation, grades and clearances encountered. When rail equipment is being operated at normal safe speeds, a distance of 300 feet shall be maintained from the rear of other rail equipment in operation except trailing locomotives that are an integral part of the trip.

E. All persons shall stand in the clear during switching operations.

F. No two pieces of self-propelled mobile mining equipment traveling in opposite directions inside a coal mine shall be allowed to pass each other while both are in motion on the same haulage road unless a minimum of 24 inches is maintained between the vehicles.


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