§ 45.1-161.150


A. Man-trips operated by means of locomotives shall be pulled and at safe speeds consistent with the condition of roads and type of equipment used, and shall be so controlled that they can be stopped within the limits of visibility.

B. Each man-trip shall be under the charge of an authorized person and shall be operated independently of any loaded trip.

C. Man-trips shall be maintained in safe operating condition, and in sufficient number to prevent becoming overloaded.

D. No person shall ride under a trolley wire other than in suitably covered man-cars. Covered man-cars shall not be required under trolley wires that are guarded or positioned in accordance with subsection F of § 45.1-161.187.

E. Other than small hand tools carried on the person, supplies or tools shall not be transported in the same car or cage with miners on any man-trip, except in special compartments in such cars.

F. Miners shall not board or leave moving man-trip cars. Miners shall remain seated while in moving cars, and shall proceed in an orderly manner to and from man-trips.


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