§ 45.1-161.152

Transporting miners by belts

A. When belts are used for transporting miners, such belts shall be free of loose materials, and a minimum clearance of at least eighteen inches shall be maintained between the belt and the roof or crossbars, projecting equipment, cap pieces, overhead cables, wiring, and other objects. Belts used for transporting miners shall be equipped with emergency stop cords for their entire length.

B. The belt speed shall not exceed (i) 250 feet per minute while miners are being transported where the clearance between the belt and overhead roof or projections is between eighteen inches and twenty-four inches and (ii) 300 feet per minute where the overhead clearance is twenty-four inches or more. The use of conveyor belts to transport miners shall be prohibited if the clearance between the belt and overhead is less than eighteen inches. Such belt shall be stopped while miners are boarding or leaving.

C. The space between miners riding on a belt line shall be not less than five feet.

D. Adequate clearance and proper illumination shall be provided where miners board or leave conveyor belts.


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