§ 45.1-161.160

Operations of hoisting equipment

A. The speed of the cage, car, or trip in shafts, slopes, or on surface inclines shall not exceed 1,000 feet per minute when miners are being hoisted or lowered.

B. When moving the platform or work deck, all miners traveling thereon shall have safety belts secured.

C. No person shall ride on a loaded cage.

D. The number of persons riding in any cage or car at one time shall not exceed the maximum prescribed by the manufacturer. The Chief may prescribe a lesser number when necessary to ensure the safety of miners being transported.

E. Conveyances being lowered into a shaft in which miners are working shall be stopped at least twenty feet above the area where such miners are working.

F. Whenever miners are working at the bottom of a shaft, there shall be an adjustable ladder or chain ladder attached to the work deck to provide an additional means of escape. Such ladder shall be at least twenty feet in length.

G. All chokers and slings used to transport materials within a shaft or slope shall meet specifications established by the United States of America Standards Institute.


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