§ 45.1-161.162

Mine openings

A. Except as provided in § 45.1-161.164, there shall be at least two travel ways, entries, or openings to the surface from each section of a mine worked. All longwall panels shall be developed with at least three entries; however, if new technology becomes available pursuant to which two-entry systems may be safely developed, such technology may be used, with the approval of the Chief.

B. One of the required travel ways may be the haulage road.

C. The first opening shall not be made through an adjoining mine. The second opening may be made through an adjoining mine.

D. One of the required travel ways shall be designated as the primary escapeway and shall be in intake air.

E. After July 1, 1999, new surface structures where miners congregate or where the mine map or other official records are kept at the mine shall be offset not less than fifteen feet from the nearest side of any mine opening, or otherwise located to be out of the direct line of possible forces coming out of the mine should an explosion occur, unless otherwise approved by the Chief.


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