§ 45.1-161.168

Longwall escape routes and plan

A. The operator of any mine which uses longwalls as a method of mining shall maintain an accessible travel route off the tailgate end of the longwall working face. He shall familiarize all miners working on the longwall section with the procedures to follow for escape from the section, and shall also inform these miners at any time during which the travel route is impassable.

B. The operator shall develop a plan for use if the travel route becomes impassable. The plan shall address (i) notification of miners that the travel way is blocked and of the method and timetable for reestablishment of the travel way, (ii) re-instruction of miners regarding escapeways and escape procedures in the event of an emergency, (iii) re-instruction of miners on the availability and use of self-contained self-rescue devices, (iv) monitoring and evaluation of the air entering the longwall section, (v) location and effectiveness of the two-way communication systems, and (vi) a means of transportation from the longwall section to the main line. The plan provisions shall remain in effect until a travel way is reestablished on the tailgate side of a longwall section. Such an operation shall include provisions for such protective devices as fire extinguishers and respirators for miners working on the longwall section.


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