§ 45.1-161.175

Protective clothing

A. All miners shall wear protective hats while underground and while in those areas on the surface where there is a danger of injury from falling objects.

B. Every person assigned to or performing duties on the surface of an underground mine, or any person entering the underground portion of the mine, shall wear reflective materials adequate to be visible from all sides. The reflective material shall be placed on hard hats and at least one other item of outer clothing such as belts, suspenders, jackets, coats, coveralls, shirts, pants, or vests.

C. Protective footwear shall be worn by miners while on duty in and around a mine where falling objects may cause injury.

D. All employees inside or outside of mines shall wear approved-type goggles or shields where there is a hazard from flying particles.

E. Welders and helpers shall use proper shields or goggles to protect their eyes.

F. Miners engaged in haulage operations and miners employed around moving equipment on the surface and underground shall wear snug-fitting clothing.

G. Gloves shall be worn when material which may injure the hands is handled. Gloves with gauntlet cuffs shall not be worn around moving equipment. Gloves shall be worn when handling energized cables.

H. Miners exposed for short periods to hazards from inhalation of gas, dust, fumes, and mist shall wear approved respiratory equipment. When the exposure is for prolonged periods, adequate approved measures to protect miners or to reduce the hazard shall be taken.


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