§ 45.1-161.211

Examinations of fans

A. A daily inspection shall be made of all main fans and machinery connected therewith by an authorized person. The person making the examination shall make a record of the same in a book prescribed for this purpose or by adequate facilities provided to permanently record the performance of the main fan and to give warning of an interruption to a fan. No daily examination is required on any day in which no person goes underground, except that the examination shall be completed prior to any person entering the mine if the previous day’s examination has not been made.

B. Places ventilated by means of blower fans shall be examined for methane by a certified person before the fan is started at the beginning of the shift and after any interruption of fan operation for five minutes or more during the shift.

C. The blower fan and tubing shall be inspected at least twice during each working shift by a certified person.


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